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WR Linguistics is a member of
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How we work
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WR Linguistics is not simply a language service provider. We act as a communications bridge between our clients, their customers and their suppliers.



In terms of translation work we take great care of the four key parameters that influence the level of quality of your translation.

1. The quality of the translator

Translators are not generalists, they are specialists.  All members of WR Linguistics’ team of professional translators are specialists in very specific fields. They are fully qualified native speakers and also have an impeccable command of the source language.

Right from the start we establish the target language and the nature of your work. This allows for best matching (the identification of the best suited translator to undertake your work).  Only translators who are native in the target language are appointed for the work.

2. The quality of the source text

A text which creates confusion to the reader in its original language is bound to reflect on the translated work.  Misuse of punctuation is often a critical point as is the use of tenses, technical terms and idioms.

Upon receipt of the source text, a proofread is performed to evaluate the quality of the text. Should there be any areas of concern, these will be referred to the client. This is one of the key differences between us and our competitors, and is a crucial step.

You can help to ensure the high standard and expediency of our work by checking your documents thoroughly before sending them to us.

3. The reference material available to the translator

Translating a source document (i.e. a technical manual) with access to photographs and diagrams is far better than translating only the text of the document.  We encourage clients to provide reference material and their own standard list of terminology and vocabulary if possible.

4. Proof-reading and liaison

Throughout the process, our translators are asked to liaise with us to ensure the quality and expedience or our service. It is our standard policy to have all translation work proof-read by a second professional.



Our pricing structure for translations is determined by:

  1. The language combination – a French/English translation will be cheaper than a Greek/Norwegian translation.
  2. The complexity – technical, legal or medical texts take longer to translate than emails and letters.
  3. The format – we prefer to receive the source text in MS Word, however we can work with many different applications.
  4. The turnaround time – the more time you allow us to complete your assignment, the lower your costs.

For an accurate quotation we prefer to see a reasonable amount of the source material.



Being available when you need us is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Our regular clients have 24 hour access and a dedicated account manager. This ensures that when you have to supply your assignments at short notice you are not kept waiting for a response.

Our regular procedure is to send and receive documents electronically, ensuring a swift turnaround.



We have strict rules on confidentiality. Our privacy policy regarding this website can be found here.

All our employees and freelance professionals must sign extensive privacy policies, codes of ethics and terms of business and undergo stringent checks prior to working with us. These documents are available for viewing by any clients. You can Contact us for copies of these documents.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. There are some additional answers to frequently asked questions here.


WR Linguistics is part of Wilkes Rowe Limited - Registered Company No. 4905492

Postal Address: 6 Abbey Road - Durham - County Durham - DH1 5DQ - UK