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Members of the Association of Translation Companies

WR Linguistics is a member of
The Association of Translation Companies and adhere to its strict
Code of Professional Conduct. This guarantees our clients the highest
levels of accuracy and professionalism.

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Foreign language training
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Our Foreign language training programs are totally personalized for one-to-one tuition or group training.

During the first session the client’s needs are identified to allow us to create a perfect balance between lesson content and your learning requirements. Only after fully evaluating the learner's needs do we appoint the tutor who we think is best suited to cover the assignment.

The tutor assigned will be a fluent speaker in the language you’re learning and will adapt his/her teaching methods to your learning style and pace so that maximum progress is made in the shortest period of time. All content and material is based upon the needs and preferences of the learner who can chose from business or general linguistic skills.

The teaching will revolve around improving conversational, reading and writing skills within the chosen sector, eg., banking, exports, tourism.

Duration & learning outcome

The schedule is flexible and arranged around the learner’s agenda. The minimum contract is for 10 hours tuition (minimum 2 hours per week), however in order to maximize the learner’s learning capacity we advise a minimum of two 1.5 hour sessions per week.

WR Linguistics is part of Wilkes Rowe Limited - Registered Company No. 4905492

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