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Members of the Association of Translation Companies

WR Linguistics is a member of
The Association of Translation Companies and adheres to its strict
Code of Professional Conduct. This guarantees our clients the highest
levels of accuracy and professionalism.

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Freelance Business Terms
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All interpreters and translators are expected to work within and according to WR Linguistics' Code of Ethics and Good Practice in addition to any additional constraints as determined by the assignment.


The translator or interpreter shall act with regard to the interests of WR Linguistics, avoiding any conduct that may prejudice the reputation or good standing of WR Linguistics.

Under no circumstances will the interpreter directly contact a customer without the prior consent of WR Linguistics. Such contacts shall in all cases be carried out in the name of and on behalf of the intermediary who has been contracted by the final customer.

If a direct or indirect customer of WR Linguistics contacts a translator or interpreter directly, WR Linguistics shall be immediately notified about such contact.

Interpreters and translators shall always identify themselves to the customer as members of WR Linguistics, and never in their own name. Translators and interpreters are therefore expressly prohibited from giving WR Linguistics' clients their personal details (address, telephone number, visiting cards, etc.), other than their name. WR Linguistics will provide interpreters with business cards prior to the appointment.


Translators or interpreters should estimate their ability (or lack of it) to carry out an assignment when they are commissioned to do it. If they consider themselves incapable of doing the work in question or unable to do it for any reason whatsoever, they should notify WR Linguistics immediately. The capability to carry out an assignment will be determined by the following:

  • Having, or being able to access, the necessary specific knowledge to perform an assignment in a professional manner.
  • Having the resources needed to perform the assignment according to the instructions received.
  • Having sufficient available time to complete the assignment within established deadlines.



Interpreters and translators are advised to have their own professional indemnity insurance cover as WR Linguistics will not be responsible for any claims made against it, or against the interpreter or translator, on the grounds (for example) of incompetent interpreting or unprofessional conduct.


Interpreters and translators are expected to submit a completed assignment payment form upon completion of the work.  All forms must be received by WR Linguistics before the 30th day of each month. Payment will be processed by WR Linguistics during the first week of the following month or earlier.


All individuals employed on a self-employed/freelance basis are expected to maintain and be liable for their own Tax and National Insurance payments.

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WR Linguistics is part of Wilkes Rowe Limited - Registered Company No. 4905492

Postal Address: 6 Abbey Road - Durham - County Durham - DH1 5DQ - UK