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WR Linguistics is a member of
The Association of Translation Companies and adheres to its strict
Code of Professional Conduct. This guarantees our clients the highest
levels of accuracy and professionalism.

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Environmental & Social Policy

Updated April 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At WR Linguistics we believe that we have an obligation both to reduce our impact on the environment, and to honour our social responsibilities over and above the current legal requirements. We have put in place monitoring programs for all parts of our business to ensure that where improvements have been made they are sustained, and where we believe improvements can still be made, we continually monitor the situation and look for solutions.

Reducing energy consumption

We now use energy saving lighting throughout our business.

The use of Carbon Trust (www.carbontrust.co.uk) "Turn Off" notices on all equipment and a policy of turning off all equipment out of office hours AND during office hours which are not required to be running. This has reduced our energy usage from equipment and would have been higher except for efficiencies made in the previous year, and and increase in the size of our business.

All computer equipment has strict power management options set with energy usage monitoring.

Our management have now changed their personal vehicles to vehicles within CO2 Band B (below 120g/km) from previous vehicles in Band D (151-165g/km). This has also reduced our fuel costs considerably. We have also increased the percentage of our work which is carried out by electronic means (telephone and email).

Where possible staff and freelancers use public transport to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Water Consumption

All toilet cisterns have had water saving devices fitted for the last three years . Our drinks-making facilities only use and boil the water required and we have fitted tap aerators to reduce general water usage.

Paper, packaging and recycling

We now use recycled and FSC approved paper products.

We have been recycling all paper, cardboard, glass and metal used within the course of our business activities for the last five years and are actively reducing consumption through electronic processing of work and using paper only where necessary. We also make use of double-sided printing facilities and the re-use of single side printed sheets. We have eliminated the use of Post-It notes and all invoices and quotes where possible are now sent electronically as pdfs. We have reduced our junk mail and waste mail by over 50% through the removal of duplicate magazines, unread materials, and registration with the Mailing Preference Service.

Wherever possible we now receive bills/ invoices electronically and use internet banking.

Ethical Purchasing

We follow an ethical policy at all times, from the purchase of fair trade goods to guaranteeing fair payments for our freelance translators and interpreters. This has the additional benefit of guaranteeing the quality of our services.

We now bank with the Co-Operative Bank which is renowned for its ethical business practices.

Instead of sending corporate gifts at Christmas we have instead made a donations to charities in the UK and abroad including directly to an orphanage in Colombia to help fund the education of a group of youngsters, and the upkeep of the school.

People and Premises

We have a Health and Safety policy in place to ensure that our premises are both safe and healthy. We also have an equal opportunities policy in place which is actively followed and reviewed.

Further information

Should you have any questions relating to our Environmental and Social policy, please feel free to contact us. From time to time we will update our policy.


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